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Our mission: To provide various activities that promote and enrich the welfare of children in home, school and community while developing relationships between educators and parents to provide a united effort in the general support and education of our children.

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Site Security

The Boght Hills PTA's top digital priority is to ensure the online safety of our community and ensure our privacy.  As part of our commitment to your security and privacy, this page is intended to explain some of the security features that we have chosen to implement.

Privacy Policy

This site does NOT collect any personal information.  Your E-Mail address is used to verify your authorization to use this site.  Your E-Mail address and password are stored on the site you choose to use for logging in (current options are Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Twitter) and never shared with the Boght Hills PTA.

The Boght Hills PTA does not share your information with any other organization.

Only members of the Boght Hills PTA are authorized to use this site and view any information stored on this site.


1) The primary web-site ( is publicly available and does not store, display or request any confidential.
2) Services needing additional security, such as the PTA Directory, are all hosted separately at and secured by passwords stored on other sites.  This site does not request or allow any editing of information through a browser.  This site does not allow printing or sharing of content.