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Our mission: To provide various activities that promote and enrich the welfare of children in home, school and community while developing relationships between educators and parents to provide a united effort in the general support and education of our children.

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he PTA organizes many events every school year. These events are organized and run by committees of volunteers which ensure their success. The following list is designed to give you important information about:
  1. The goal of each committee
  2. When during the year the committee is typically active
  3. Type type of event the committee sponsors

There are 3 event types included in the list below, which are:
  1. Event with students
  2. Meetings without students
  3. Virtual (volunteers work when and where they choose)

It is the goal of the PTA to have 2 or more chair-people for each committee as well as a sufficient number of other volunteers to ensure the overall success of the event.

Please take a look at the list below and consider volunteering for any of the available committees. Remember, if everyone volunteered even 2 hours of time a school year, everything below could be accomplished and a whole lot more.

If you have any questions about the committees, please contact any member of the PTA Board. Contact information is available at

NOTE:  Not every event runs each school year.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with any of these events, please contact us.

Audit Committee
Three individuals to audit PTA financial records during summer vacation and present findings at first PTA meeting of the new school year.
Active during: July, August, September
Event type: Meetings without students

Building Council Representative
Two individuals from each school in the district meet monthly with principals and other school representatives to plan school activities and school related issues.
Active during: Months with meetings
Event type: Meetings without students

Chair Recognition Event
Plan, organize and facilitate event to thank chairs in May.
Active during: April and May
Event type: Meeting without students

District Budget Committee
Two representatives attend District Budget meetings and report, as needed, during PTA meetings.
Active during: February and March
Event type: Meetings without students

Fall Family Event
Determine theme and coordinate fall event.
Active during: October and November
Event type: Event with students

Fall / Spring Book Fair
One spring and one fall, each a one week sale event of Scholastic Book Company. Organize volunteers, collect money from sales, and assist students and teachers as needed.
Active during: October, November, May and June
Event type: Event with students

General Mills Box Tops
Collect & submit box tops and purchase movie tickets for monthly raffle.
Active during: School year
Event type: Virtual

Hannaford Helps
This is a passive fundraiser. Move qualifying receipts in the
Boght Hills box at Hannaford to earn funds.
Active during: September, October, and November
Event type: Virtual

Health Fair
Recruit healthcare professionals and fitness/nutrition related business to participate in an evening event about family health.
Active during: January
Event type: Events with students

June Jamboree
Plan a full day school wide event with the Principal Kim Greiner. This includes various activities and a pizza lunch.
Active during: April, May and June
Event type: Event with students

Kindergarten Screening
Provide snacks, beverages, and activities for incoming kindergartners after student evaluations so parents may meet with school staff.
Active during: January and February
Event type: Event with students

Original Works
Plan, organize and facilitate personalized artwork program that families may purchase.
Active during: May and June
Event type: Virtual

Quiz Night
Coordinate program, determine questions/words, and organize volunteers.
Active during: Event month
Event type: Event with students

Parent Advisory Council
Two representatives per school meet quarterly with the superintendent to discuss issues and news within the district.
Active during: Varies
Event type: Meetings without students

Price Chopper
Provide information regarding the use of Price Chopper Advantage Card to earn funds for Boght Hills and monitor its progress.
Active during: All year
Event type: Virtual

PTA Council Representative
Attend District PTA council meetings four times per year. To include two PTA board members.
Active during: Varies
Event type: Meetings without students

PTA Membership
Submit information & membership forms, coordinate collection of money, and maintain PTA member list. Attend Open house nights.
Active during: September, October and November
Event type: Meetings without students and Virtual

Room Parent Coordinator
Coordinates room parents and offers direction as needed.
Active during: September and October
Event type: Virtual

School Banking
Volunteers collect money, process student deposits, and bring deposits to CAP COM.
Active during: School year
Event type: Event with students

PTA Bulletin Board
Change borders / months on bulletin board and organize posted memos.
Active during: All year
Event type: Virtual

School Spirit Wear
Organize the sale of t-shirts, sweatshirts and other Boght Hills Logo items. Maintain vendor relations.
Active during: March and April
Event type: Virtual

School Year Book
Organize yearbook plans, coordinate volunteers, take pictures at events, and coordinate sale & distribution of yearbooks.
Active during: School year
Event type: Event with students, Meetings without students and Virtual

Science Fair
Students choose a project to complete at home then display their work during the Science Fair - 2 nights.
Active during: Event month
Event type: Event with students

Screen Free Week
Organize and promote a week of screen-free alternatives to help families unplug.
Active during: May
Event type: Event with students

Spring Family Event
Plan and organize a Carnival or other family event.
Active during: Event month and prior planning time
Event type: Event with students

Staff Appreciation Luncheon
Plan, organize and facilitate luncheon for staff.
Active during: September and June
Event type: Meeting without students

Student Directory / Advertising
Create school directory of information, print and distribute to PTA members.
Active during: September and October
Event type: Virtual

School Pictures
Organize student classes on school picture day.
Active during: October
Event type: Event with students

Vendor Fair
Recruit various vendors to display and sell their products during the Holiday Craft Fair.
Active during: December
Event type: Event with students

Coordinate and organize the fitness walk, the PTA’s main fund raiser to support. Set up route, staged activities and clean up.
Active during: September and October

Event type: Event with students

Young Artist Paint Night
Work with Painting with a Twist representative to organize painting instructional class
Active during: November

Event type: Event with students